Looking for tall, gangly, good natured, red-headed Tom

This is a very, very, very special request, and I guess this is the best section of the forum to post it in.

I am trying to locate a guy I worked with several years ago at Sesame Street in Pei Kang. His name is Tom (sorry, but that is all I can remember) and after his stint in Pei Kang he went to work at a buxiban in Hu Wei at uncle something or other’s school. The last I heard of him, he was in Taipei and was getting married to a Taiwanese gal who had two or three kids.

Tom, if you are reading this or any other Forumosan who know where this tall, gangly, good natured, red-headed guy is, please pm me.

BTW, this are certain shennanigans that we were involved in that will something of a countersign that only he and I will know:-)

If anyone can put me in contact with him, you will have my undying gratitude and all the cold cyberbeer you can drink!