Looking for Tasty's Restaurant fruit hot tea

I went to eat at Tasty restaurant around last January. I think the service is excellent while the food is kinda okay. Not my cup of tea.
Speaking of tea, I ordered the hot fruit tea and it was amazing. I think it was blueberry tea? or was it rose tea? Can’t really remember which one. But I have a feeling it was the blueberry ones. Anybody know what is the name or where I can buy the similar one?
Anything helps. Thank you.
My location: Shi Da, Guting MRT.

That’s too funny you mention this. I ate there once and the only thing anyone talked about after the meal was the fruit tea! I remember asking our guest if she wanted me to ask if the tea was for purchase. You just got me thinking about this tea, it WAS really good. I will let u know if it’s for sale if I remember to report back. :slight_smile:

They should just closed the restaurant and sell the teas instead :wink: