Looking for teak sailboat deck material

Guys, my aunt from the US sent me the following request. Any of you sailors know where I might find this stuff in Taiwan? Thanks.

I’d like to try to locate some replacement teak flooring for the gap where the previous owner tore out the C bench.

Since the boat was built in Taiwan (no idea what manufacturer), I was thinking there still may be boat yards over there that have something to match. I found one source here in the States, but the pattern is different. What I’m looking for would lay out as follows:

A 12" x 12" tile is composed of 36 pieces that are 1" wide x 4" long. Four of these strips are laid side by side to make a 4" square. Then 9 of these 4" squares are placed, alternating orientation (horizontal and vertical). Like this:

H - V - H
V - H - V
H - V - H

The tiles that are there are about 3/8" thick. Thickness is not so critical as I could shim thinner tile, or plane down thicker. And I don’t need a lot, probably only 10-15 sq ft.

Try the yacht section.