Looking for the Indian diplomatic mission

does anyone know the website/ email/ address/phone number of the indian diplomatic mission in taiwan? it’s a little hard to find since few countries have official embassies in taiwan. thanks!

Give this a try:

Indian Taipei Association
Room No 2010, Cetra Tower, No 333, Keelung Road, Section 1, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2757 6112/6113


India-Taipei Association
Rm2010, 333, Sec. 1, JiLong (Keelung) Rd., Taipei
110 台北市基隆路1段333號2010室
Tel: (02) 2757-6112

Found here: sinica.edu.tw/~hro/IS/foreign.html

Thanks for that link! it looks very useful. i need a visa to visit india so would you know if travel agents would arrange it for me or would i have to visit the india-taipei association personally?


Simakun - I suggest giving them a call and then posting the answer here.



i’m not in taipei yet and i’m just scoping out the necessary details.

Well, seeing as I’m such a nice bloke (and I was bored) I called them for you.

You can apply at the office or get your travel agent to do it for you. Cost for a British or ROC passport holder is NT$1300 and it takes two working days. If you’re a foreign (i.e. non ROC) passport holder without an ARC, you can add two days to the processing time and NT$200 to the price (for verification).

I didn’t ask about other passport holders, but the details are probably in line with what was quoted above.


hey taffy, that was very helpful of you. thanks for that.