Looking for this kind of place

Hi, I’m looking for this kind of place like in the pictures.

Basically a big open space. With wooden floor and maybe a small balcony that I can furnish by myself. Budget 20.000 - 25.000.

It’s very difficult to find in Taipei. Any advice?

Something like this?


You are not going to find what you’re looking for within that budget. Large spaces in the city are easily double that.

That is because a place like that would be double the price…providing it was in a cheaper area of Taipei. That would cost more in Taichung than your budget , potentially. Check out 591 to compare pricing.

No, large spaces exist. You just need to be willing to take an hour bus ride to get to the nearest MRT station.

Here, I made a search for spacious 2 bedroom apartments sufficiently far away from convenient locations to keep the cost of rent down: https://591.com.tw/v2/rent?section=0&room=2&area=2&price=20000_30000&regionid=1

Well but this place is around 12pings. Unfurnished just with fridge and washing machine I think can be found for 25.000-28.000.
This is my budget actually

You threw me with the word “big”…but 12 pings is not big. good luck…just keep comparing area/price. Good places go fast…act quickly if you do find a place and try any contacts, many places are not even advertized.

Actually I took an appointment to see it. It looks good. It’s furnished but I can maybe ask to remove the furnitures. And the area is full of reatourants

What area? Can we have a link?

That apartament is not in Taipei. I was living there before and I like the open space idea where I can have sofa and bed next to each others.

Im looking for that kind of space in Taipei. I don’t mind furnishing it by myself

There’s a place inside of my apartment building that it is up for rent. My current apartment fits what you’re looking for, so I’m assuming this other apartment will be similar.

I don’t have any pics… People just post flyers without pics next to the elevator. If you’re interested, I can send you the phone number to call.

Please send me. I pm you

Sent you details. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

So, I was exaggerating about hours away from conveniences. But I’ve found that Taiwanese people are very lazy about walking. Just adding a 15 minute walk to a MRT station can almost cut rent in half.

If you will furnish it yourself, you can get a place with those dimensions and features for that price. Wooden flooring is hard to find though. You may get lucky one of the newer elevator buildings. You may be better off paying less and overlaying it with wood flooring yourself. Also, you just said Taipei, but prices vary widely. If you have specific needs, you’ll be looking for longer. Be quick when you see a possibility because places here go quick.
Also, getting a washing machine and fridge isn’t a big deal, so don’t think you have to overpay for that.