Looking for Watermelon Frost

I’m looking for watermelon frost. Apparently it is a greenish powder (heard to be a product of Mainland China) that helps out with cold sores. Does anyone know where this product can be found or something similar?

Ah yes, the old watermelon frost powder. Sorry, but I don’t think you can find it here. It is indeed a mainland product and is used for sore throats, coldsores and so on. My wife gets her brother to bring her back some from China. I think there’s a local version but I’ve forgotten the name.

Sorry, not much use am I. I’ll try and track it down.


I’ve bought the exact product pictured above, in more than one of the mom & pop pharmacies here, although not for several years. Its also good for mouth ulcers.

I used to always buy it when I went to Hong Kong – in the Communist China store on Queen’s Road C. I’m glad to know it may be available here now

I remember my mom buying it back home but I have no clue what it does. She used it on a toothache I believe. What is it and how do you use it?