Looking for wetshaving products.


Hey guys,

Just curious to see if anyone here wet shaves? Using a safety razor, shavette or cut throat.

If so, where do you guys gather your kit in Taiwan? Im constantly visiting and staying in the Xinzhuang district. But I can travel.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


I’ve used a straight razor for a few years, but got a little behind in honing it, so I’m using a Parker double-edged right now. I usually order my shaving supplies from Executive Shaving in the UK. There is a store here in Taiwan, online and actual brick-and-mortar, which sells some pretty decent stuff, but it’s pricey. It’s called GoodForIt. They do lots with men’s grooming products. Here are two links for you:



Thank you so much!! Their online store looks good, have to check it out when im back in October.

Thanks again!


If you often come and go, I’d suggest buying when you’re in your home country. Prices and selection will be better there.


Yea that was another option :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone!