Looking for ziplock bags to store food


Found this on PCHome https://24h.pchome.com.tw/prod/1806000016346586
No idea how much shipping will cost.

Any local alternatives? I doubt if these ones are good for storing food (https://24h.pchome.com.tw/prod/DCBA6C-A9008GGSO)


Uhhhhh…the supermarket??


You can find non-ziploc branded bags at any supermarket here


Depends on size, but most have Japanese brands, Costco has both.


Carrefour has a variety of Ziploc bags and many other local and imported brands. Costco also has industrial size boxes of Ziploc bags.


Thanks. I found only these online. Maybe they have more variety in the physical store. This one is Made in China.

My concern is whether it is re-usable (after washing), as I will be using it for meal prepping.


I’ve never heard of anyone doing this. I think you should buy new ones.


new bags every week?

I saw a meal prep video online where they said they use the same bags again. They used bags from this brand https://www.amazon.com/Glad-Food-Storage-Freezer-Zipper/dp/B01HC0I5BQ?th=1


We always reuse ours.


But after what? Raw foods?

I think I read somewhere once that the cost of buying new bags in cheaper than having to properly sanitize them with water and soap.


We reuse any ziplock bags, sometimes for years, as long as they weren’t used to store uncooked meat. Oh, I reuse the ones that stored bacon too.


Environment, old chap?


For meal prepping it is better to invest in metal or glass containers, not plastic. Go to Chang An East road for your pick at the best price.

Plastic freezable bags are OKish from Costco, better quality Korean and Japanese at City Super, PX Mart and Daiso or any Japanese pharmacies in Taiwan. They are a bit thicker than normal sandwich ones. I think those fancy vacuum ones are too complicated, squeeze out as much air as possible and it will be fine.


I recycle them.

But like @Icon said. Some Tupperware is probably better for meal prepping. Last longer and easier to clean.


Glass is great.




Also takes more space! I got a small freezer in my fridge.


I reuse them even after storing raw meat in them. Fill them with soap and water and microwave for 30 seconds, or until the blood is thoroughly cooked. Rinse.

I did the math a long time ago. It’s cheaper to buy high-quality ziplock bags and reuse them many times. But if you’re just going to use a single (cheap) bag twice, you might as well use two bags. (From a purely cost point of view)

If you’re looking for them in the grocery store, they’ll be in the kitchen section (at Carrefour, they’re near the pots). They’re called 保鮮袋 if you’re looking for ones made for food or 連鎖袋 if you’re looking for ones made for storing small things (not food).