Looking to adopt a Dog!

I would like to adopt a dog. I am not too particular on the breed but I would like a dog of a small breed–for example a Pomeranian or a Chihuahua. I would prefer to adopt a dog that is under 4 months old because I would like to train it myself. I currently live in Taoyuan City. I would really like to adopt rather than buying from and supporting the sale of animals at pet shops. I am willing to pay between $10,000 and $15,000NT. Please let me know if any of you know of anyone either looking to give their dog a new home or maybe someone’s dog just had puppies. Thank you for your help!

Animals Taiwan usually have small breeds available for adoption. Give them a call during office hours: 02 2833 8820.

Okay great! I will give them a call. Where are they located?


I just gave them a call and it looks like they do not currently have a good match for me. So, the search continues! Please let me know if any of you hear of a small breed puppy that needs a home!

Find someone who can speak Chinese and ask them to help you check out this website:
i am sure there is a dog for you there… as there are so many…

This website is fantastic! I am going to have my Chinese tutor help me do some calling around. Thank you so much!

I just found a very adorable black puppy, about 8 weeks old, wandering around our neighborhood. However, I think it will be a bit bigger than a pomeranian or chihuahua…probably small to medium size…not sure if you would be interested. but, this one is a cutie. let me know if you’d like a photo.

Hello! My apologies for not posting this sooner but I’ve been so busy with my new dog! A co-worker helped find me a maltese puppy to adopt through her dog groomer. Thank you for all the help!