Looking to buy a left-handed acoustic/classical guitar


If any one can give me hand as to where to find a left-handed acoustic/classical guitar it would be great. Or even a music store for that fact in Taichung. Thank you.

Is there a special left-handed model, or could you just reverse the strings?

Sorry, I’m totally ignorant about guitars!!

[quote=“ironlady”]Is there a special left-handed model, or could you just reverse the strings?

Can’t, really. For one thing, the pick guard would be on the wrong side of the soundhole, but more important, the nut at the top of the fretboard is grooved to accept the different string widths, so if you reversed them, the thick bass strings would not fit into the nut slots, while the thinner treble strings would rattle around in the too-wide grooves, causing irritating rattles and buzzes. Of course, if you had the tools and a little skill, you could replace the nut quite easily.
Most important of all, the saddle at the other end is usually on a diagonal slant for the purpose of intonation compensation, so you’d find it very difficult to tune it properly. This is much more difficult to adjust, and would require you to make or obtain an entirely new bridge, and removing the old bridge is a skilled job that I would not recommend you try yourself.
Now then Terry, wasn’t that about 15 lines of text more than you needed to know? :wink:

Actually, my friend Greg, who plays flamenco and classical guitar is left-handed and he had a great deal of trouble finding suitable instruments. He eventually ordered through Carvin guitars who have many left-handed models.

If you want to hear how nice his Carvin guitars sound, check him out at Tapas on a Friday night, or at Citizen Cain this Thursday evening.

Thanks, sandman. Actually, everything you pointed out was interesting to me. You never know when it’ll be useful to know. And I think knowing about guitars is more socially acceptable and useful than, for example, being able to name escalator parts. :laughing:

My dad is left-handed, but I think he plays the sax right-handed. :laughing: :wink:

Interesting. Most people would swear that I play the sax with TWO left hands. :blush: