Looking to buy a traditional Chinese flute (笛子)(G)


I’m trying to find a store or someone who has a professional grade flute for sale. Does anyone know of a store that specializes in traditional Chinese music instruments? I found one place but they seemed a bit shifty. All the flutes were just piled up in one corner and didn’t look well looked after.


Buy a second hand Chinese Flute? You really don’t want to buy a second hand Chinese flute. My daughter is in a Public High School Magnet Music program and she plays it.

First of all, they are not that expensive. They get a lot of taping, to somehow change the range, and spitting and abuse. It’s a piece of wood.
Buy one for yourself. You can find many Chinese flute teachers who display the Chinese flute picture on their or get a local friend to help you find a nearby teacher. He or she will get you a decent price.
Treat yourself to a new one. You will be happier.


This one time, at Band Camp…


Pleeeeeze! I have a Junior High School Daughter who goes away on band trips. Don’t scare me…
I was going to say Taiwan kids are more naive about stuff, but … not now…


Thanks, but I’m looking for a professional grade one.


I’ve never bought a Chinese flute, but I have bought an instrument here in the past and my instrument teachers also use this store for various things:

By the way, prices can be negotiable.


Thank you! I will go there tomorrow!


I went there today and it was a great place. Thanks again! I’d highly recommend it for anyone looking to buy a traditional chinese instrument.