Looking to join multi-day hiking tours

Dear all,

this July I’ll be in Taipei for four weeks and I would like to use the weekends of July 20/21 and/or 27/28 (incl. the Friday afternoons for travel to the trailhead) to go hiking in the high mountains. I have a preference for Snow Mountain but a similarly demanding (and rewarding) trip would be just as fine.

I have already checked the schedules of Taiwan Adventures and 523 Mountaineering but unfortunately they seem to do all the really cool hiking before or after I’m in Taiwan. Does anyone know of another way to find an organized tour that is going on such a trip at those times or, alternatively, are there any people out there that would be interested in setting up a trip?

I’m looking forward to your suggestions!


Be warned that because of wet weather, July isn’t a good month for hiking in the high mountains.

I’m looking into hikes in July despite the weather because that’s what I have available. I’m hoping that something over a weekend like you’re talking about will be ok if you check the weather ahead… anyway, not much other option if it’s the only chance you have, right? BTW, are you aware of the permits involved?