Looking to speak to an English speaking dermatologist. What's the cost with NHI and how?

As the title says, I want to speak to a dermatologist in regards to issues with my hair. I’m wondering what the cost would be and how I go about finding one?

Bonus points for any recommendations in Taipei



These guys are on Changchun near the Jian Guo overpass. Their front desk staff will respond to LINE or emails in English. Both the doctors that work there are fluent. I think the cost with NHI is 300 and that includes the meds.


I’m guessing that most of the doctors here would be proficient enough in English to help you - a pair of them have grad degrees from the US or Canada and about half have publications in English.


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I’ve seen this doc. He is a really great doctor and flawless English speaker. https://www.tahsda.org.tw/doctors/doctorcard_eng.php?doctorid=8685


Second vote for Dr. Tseng. :+1: