Looking to speak to an English speaking dermatologist. What's the cost with NHI and how?


These guys are on Changchun near the Jian Guo overpass. Their front desk staff will respond to LINE or emails in English. Both the doctors that work there are fluent. I think the cost with NHI is 300 and that includes the meds.


I’m guessing that most of the doctors here would be proficient enough in English to help you - a pair of them have grad degrees from the US or Canada and about half have publications in English.


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I’ve seen this doc. He is a really great doctor and flawless English speaker. https://www.tahsda.org.tw/doctors/doctorcard_eng.php?doctorid=8685


Second vote for Dr. Tseng. :+1:

I followed the recommendations here and booked a visit with Dr Tseng, but I’m confused. You only choose morning/afternoon/evening, and then it tells me this:

A 2 1/2 hr window? So am I supposed to be there that whole time for them to call me, or I can just go at any point during that time?

You’ve blocked out the only part of that screenshot that can help answer your question lol. What’s the queue number?

You don’t need to be there the whole time anyway - it means the clinic will be open between 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. (possibly later depending on the hospital/doctor, but that’s probably the official cut-off time). If your number is low, go earlier. If your number is high, go later. (The definitions of “low” and “high” here also depend on the hospital/doctor, so if it’s your first time you won’t be able to judge that in any case.)

Don’t know which hospital that is, but you should be able to follow the clinic progress tomorrow afternoon somewhere on the site.

There’s some more info in this thread:

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lol oh ok. I didn’t know what that number was. Thanks. #13

I think this is the page

Oddly enough I only found that link cause I had accidentally hit a 404 and that page had it, but I can’t find how to navigate there normally. (nm, the homepage also has a link to it)

Yeah, it doesn’t look like that page is still active (last updated in 2017). I don’t see any other obvious option there either, which is odd. I’ve never been to Adventist, but the place to check appointment progress is usually pretty obvious on other hospital websites. Maybe it’s just on the Chinese version…

I found this on their homepage:

Yeah, that looks like it might be it. I guess you’ll need to wait until tomorrow afternoon for the table to populate with the afternoon clinics, look for your doctor (edit: clinic number 251 in the 4th column would be easier if you can’t read Chinese), then follow the number in the final column.

ha my estimated time was 2 - 4:30 and it’s only 1:15 and they’re 4 numbers ahead of my number…

Unless they do it differently at Adventist, afternoon clinic hours normally start at 2 p.m. and the numbers start again from 1 for each session, so you might be looking in the wrong place - the numbers for your clinic shouldn’t be available until 2 p.m.

Haha yep - now that I’m here they’re on number 4 :man_facepalming:

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You can just put your card in, irrespective of the number. They might call you in earlier if there’s time and no one else waiting. :slight_smile:

Already up to 8.

Very confusing here as a first-timer ha

I never had to put my card in anything so :man_shrugging:t2:

At the registration desk they had me sign something that was completely in Chinese. Pretty sure I’m in indefinite servitude now

Don’t they have screens/machines outside of the clinic door showing the numbers? If so, you’d normally put your NHI card in there to show them you’ve arrived. If not (or you don’t have an NHI card or whatever), you’d usually tell the nurse with your appointment number.

Yeah no NIH card. I just had the people working here do whatever cause I was confused ha

Since two people recommended this Dr, I gotta say, I wouldn’t at all. One of the two main reasons I came was to ask for a face wash good for sensitive skin and acne, and he just said to use one of the major brands, and I’d say well I looked at that brand and they don’t see the product that is a good fit here, and the ones I see don’t seem ideal, and he’d just say, any product from any major brand is fine. Umm, no. He doesn’t know the name of a specific product? This is pretty basic. He was really rushing the visit too. Few mins tops

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That sucks. I’ve only been to a dermatologist once here, but I got the impression from the super bright lighting and display cabinets that one of their main motivations may be to sell stuff. (For future reference, I prefer TMUH personally - most of the doctors have info in English and the registration and booking systems are relatively uncomplicated too.)

If he had sold some brand he’ll tell you to use that.