Looks like a long cold winter in Europe

The net effect of the first policy, obvious in the last few weeks, has been to force European consumers and businesses to pay much more to heat and power their homes and run their businesses. That results from the intermittent nature of wind and solar: when the wind doesn ’ t blow and the sun doesn ’ t shine, the electricity grid needs backup. That comes from natural gas or coal, though coal, along with nuclear power, is increasingly being phased out. Needing backup means Europeans pay twice for power.

Now combine the coal and nuclear phaseouts with Europe ’ s political and policy disdain for local exploration for oil and natural gas, such as in 2017 when France proudly banned future exploration for oil and fracking for gas both at home and in its overseas territories. Then add parallel attempts to label Canadian oil as dirty and thus discourage future Canadian exports to Europe. The result is that the European demand for energy has hit limited supply, causing energy prices to soar.

Now add in the other development: a Europe becoming more dependent on oil and natural gas from regimes hostile to European values, including Europe ’ s postwar practice of open societies, liberal democratic norms and tolerance. The best-known example of growing dependence on autocrats is the near-completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will bring Russian natural gas to Germany and other parts of Europe. Initially, some European and American politicians opposed the pipeline, fearing it would make the continent more dependent on Russian whims, including the use of energy as a geopolitical weapon.

I’d think after the Ukraine debacle a few years back, they should fully expect it.


Being less reliant on oil and natural gas is the obvious solution in terms of national security. It requires forward thinking, though.

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It requires a shitload of insulation, heat pumps , wind turbines in the ocean , solar panels and batteries. They should get to work !

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It requires nuclear thinking. What would GE do?

40 years ago nuclear was the answer. We missed a trick with that one.

I blame Hollywood and Godzilla.

I blame hippies and uncontrolled population increase.

I know you don’t agree with one of those.

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Hey we did our part wtr to latter. We made a really big deal about it.

As for the former, I’m not a hippie. I’m a Deadhead and the worst part of a Dead show was usually sloppy Deadheads. :crazy_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


I think you have posted the wrong article; the one you’ve got up is the one from the philospphy thread on logic vs narrative.

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Thorium might open new doors

Yes, and REALLY expensive.

I think you are right. I’ll fix it when I get home. Thanks.

Done! :bowing:

Nuclear is still the answer. Which people are (too) slowly getting around to these days.

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And again, with futures markets blasting off.

Some military rumblings in the east.

Fully supported by Tucker “just asking questions” Carlson, demanding to know why America isn’t supporting Putin.

No idea what you’re talking about. For someone who coooooonstantly slams TC, you sure do pay attention to his every word.