Lord of the Dance in Taipei?

Not sure if this Q belongs here or in the “Movies & Books” forum.

I recall seing something about the Lord of the Dance in Taipei Times about a week ago, but I don’t know whether it’ll be performed here in Taipei (and if so, when).

Does anyone have the scoop on this? Time, place, cost?


It was, I think you’ve missed it, sorry. :cry:

Ahh, well. That’s okay. I couldn’t afford it anyway. I’ll buy a Guinness for my gal and I and we can celebrate Irishness that way.


Lord of the Dance? Bah! Yar, boo, sucks to Michael Fartley.
You want dance? You want choreography that will thrill you? You want spectacle? You want colour? You want some of the most amazing drumming you have ever seen and heard? You want a high degree of sheer “Whoa! Fuck me!” factor?
Try to catch a performance of Blast and I guarantee it will blast you out of your seat. I saw this on TV at CNY and even on the TV, I was transfixed.
Did anyone else see this show? It was on the Taiwan version of PBS and was followed by a “behind the scenes” feature, which makes me think it could be on DVD. Anyone know if this is the case.
Edit: Ooh! Look what I just found.