Lord of the Rings III

does anyone know when this movie will be showing in taiwan?

i really enjoyed the first two movies but of course the books were much more amazing. read them first time when i was 14 and again after that.


Mae Govannen,
Good question. I’d like to know the answer, myself. According to the site: tolkien-movies.com/ the third installment of the Peter Jackson films will premiere in 72 days. Hopefully, we in Taiwan will be able to view (and re-view) the film soon after.
The Tolkien Society here in Taiwan has tentatively planned a ‘group outing’ to see the film when it comes.
vanya sulie’

12/18 is the when it premieres here.

The Tolkien Society of Taiwan, Tol-Eressea, Smial of the Lonely Isle, will be attending the premiere of ‘The Return of the King’ on Dec 18th at Shin-Shin theater on Lin Shen North Road and viewing the extended versions of the first two films in Peter Jackson’s re-telling of ‘The Lord of the Rings’.
No, we will not be wearing Elf ears but we will be distributing contact information regarding our group. If you are interested in being a member, contact me at this forum by pm or email:
Vanya Sulie,
May Earendil the mariner guide you to safe haven.

Ugh, Shin-Shin has some of the worst quality projection in all of Taiwan, plus the walls are so thin you can hear the other theater’s soundtracks. Why not a good theater like Cinemark or Warner?

Warner is offering advance bookings (for an extra fee, of course). Thursday’s showings, however, are already starting to sell out.

I got two free tickets for ROTK from Asia 1 DVD rentals when I signed up for NT$3,000-worth of rentals. I also got a pair of rubber elf-ears with flashing lights in.
Anyone else get these tix? The store clerk said they’re good for any movie theater. That said, can someone tell this non-cinema-goer which is the hands-down best venue to see this film?
Also, Asia 1 has the 4-CD sets for FOTR and TTT. One set costs NT$1,200 and the other costs NT$2,400. The only diff. I can see is that the more expensive one comes with a plastic Gollum toy and a pair of cheap alloy bookends.
In both editions, the DVD box is designed to look like a leather-bound book, one green (FOTR) and one brownish purple (TTT). Is the plastic toy really the only thing that bumps the price up to double?

[quote=“sandman”]Is the plastic toy really the only thing that bumps the price up to double?[/quote]I think so, but with the Two Towers I think there is another DVD, not sure what’s on it. I went for the one without toys in both cases, if you’re Durin’s Bane you might want the toys too.

My favourite place is the VIP section of Cinemark at the Death Star.

The super-expensive TT has the following extras
[ul][li]Collectible Gollum polystone statue created by Sideshow Weta[/li]
[li]Exclusive bonus DVD on the Weta Workshop and how the Gollum statue was created[/li]
[li]Exclusive printed companion piece showing how Gollum evolved from pencil sketch to digital character[/li][/ul]
I’ve bought the four-disc set of the Two Towers and been very happy with it. I am such a geek.

The extended edition of FOTR has been sold out for a long time because the manufacturer didn’t make enough :imp: . So the plastic figurine edition is the only one available in Taiwan. I haven’t shelled out the extra thousand for that, though, so maybe there’s hope for me yet.

OTOH, I’ve already got tickets reserved for tonight, so what does that say?

Wait, I thought those were your real ears. The flashing should have alerted me… :wink:

[quote]The super-expensive TT has the following extras

Collectible Gollum polystone statue created by Sideshow Weta

Exclusive bonus DVD on the Weta Workshop and how the Gollum statue was created

Exclusive printed companion piece showing how Gollum evolved from pencil sketch to digital character

I’ve bought the four-disc set of the Two Towers and been very happy with it. I am such a geek.[/quote]

So the only difference is the toy and some info on how it was made? I can easily live without that.

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by the extended version of FOTR – My local Asia 1 has the 4-disc version that comes with a pair of bookends. Is this different to the “plastic figurine” version you mention?

I got two tix for depositing 2x NTD1000 only. :smiley:

I rekon Ambassador (Breeze) or Cinemark (Living Mall), worst comes to worst Warner Village (XinYi).
The VIP room at Cinemark would be nice but I don’t think the ticket entitles you to that one …

Ah, but without the rubber ears? Sorry, but your “deal” doesn’t even compare. How can you even get through the day knowing as you do that you don’t have a pair of flashing rubber ears to come home to?

Oh, the ears … can I still get them if I deposit another NT$1000?


No, that’s the same. I’d forgotten it was bookends instead of a figurine for FOTR. Here’s what the bookend version of FOTR has that the four-disc set doesn’t:
[ul][li]New version of National Geographic Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD, with additional featurettes[/li]
[li]Exclusive Argonath bookends sculpted by the film’s visual effects artists[/li]
[li]Exclusive Decipher trading cards[/li]
[li]Special edition of the Lord of the Rings Fan Club official movie magazine[/li]
[li]Packaging illustrated by famed artist Alan Lee[/li][/ul]
I was lucky to come across a non-bookend four-disc version this evening. (Someone had brought back an unopened copy to trade up for the bookend edition.) It’s now mine, mine, all mine. :smiley:

As the ROTK, it was, well, somewhat cheesier than I had expected. But I had a good time and will probably see it again eventually.

The Nat’l. Geo. DVD sounds interesting, but not interesting enough to make me fork out an extra NT$1,000 for it.

Sounds like the four-disc sets are the way to go.

I am not going to see Bored of the Rings. i slept thru ONE. Forget two and three.

Are some of us just Bored of the ‘Rings’? Count me out!

after being dragged there by my GF,…I clocked my first yawn at 50 minutes, lulled by too many pale-blue mountains, computerized tricks and a plot so intricate all I knew for sure was that Gandalf had called for help. And did I care if help arrived? I did not.

Does anyone actually believe that Formosa has ever had a GF? About as believable as the “I’m in Korea” schitck. Frodo throwing the ring into the fire to destroy Saruman is more believable, IMAO.

mod lang, the I.T. (important thing) is I.B.I. (I believe it). Get a life, ML, and stay on message. That should have been a PM not a post. Wait till the mods wack you for that one! Hehe.

What you been drinking down there in Tainan? Devil water?

ML, I don’t believe it.

I think I need to rent TTT before I see ROTK. I slept through it the only time I’ve tried to watch it (the day after I flew across 13 time zones and hadn’t adjusted to the time change). Especially since ROTK is longer than TTT. Not as many battle scenes to rouse me from my sleep.