Lord of the Rings Symphony

Today’s China Post has an article about Howard Shore coming to Taipei to perform music from the Lord of the Rings on Dec 10. Unfortunately there was no info on where to call or go to get tickets, and Google hasn’t been any help. Anyone know?

I saw some banner ads for it on a few streetlamps on Xin Sheng South. I’ll get back to you in a couple days when I drive by there next.

Saw some banners on XinYi Road… but no dates. :shock: … :unamused:

My wife found out how to get tickets. They are available through ticket.com.tw/ or (02) 2341-9898. Tickets are NT1200, NT1800, or NT2400 depending on the section.

I’m not in Taiwan, but I’m a big fan of Howards music.
Could you possibly write a wee review here after the concert?