Lord of the Rings ... the short version

Part 1 : http://img77.exs.cx/img77/2888/catapult1id.gif

Part 2 : http://www.fendahleen.com/nerf/catapult.gif

The really really short version : http://www.badnewsonline.com/images/LOTRse.gif

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
That would have been my plan. (the really short version)

Man, I laughed so hard my abs got more exercise than if I had done a thousand situps with a trainer sitting on my stomach. I honestly wasn’t sure if I would manage to get enough oxygen to see all three “episodes” before I passed out laughing.

Seriously? It was a tad bit amusing, but not that funny. I could of done the same thing too if I had 5 minutes to waste(which I do, but I wont). It takes a bit more to make me laugh real hard.

Just the thought of Elijah Wood flying on a catapult into the eye of Sauron makes me laugh. The ring, okay, but man, hobbitses with their big hairy feet poking out of the flaming eye… :laughing: