Loss of Focus/Button Function in Win2K

Hi all,
Has anyone ever had this problem? I’ve got a Dell laptop (inspiron 4100) slightly over 1 year old (just out of warranty :imp: ) running English Windoze 2K. The past few weeks, the touchpad buttons have seemed to stick or go funny on me…the mouse will start moving all over the screen by itself, finally ending up at one of the edges kind of “stuck” there, and the only way to stop it is to hit the mouse buttons on the touchpad fairly sharply. That seems to jar it loose. That I could live with if necessary.

But the last couple of days, at random hours, the computer refuses to give focus to Windows applications when they are tapped or when you click on the minimized icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. I’ve also got some where I can make the program come up (for example, dial-up Internet dialog box) but the program won’t take any input (i.e., I can’t dial up because clicking on OK does nothing; I also cannot close the program window normally.) When it does that, if I go away in disgust and come back awhile later, as often as not it will work OK. Does anybody know what gives? Do I need a new computer? :shock: (Yes, I’d love to get Linux but my translation software will not work under Linux so it’s not yet an option…)

Never have such traumatic experience Ironlady. Are you sure your computer is not virus-ridden? Better give it a scan of Symantec AV. Otherwise there might be malfunction with the mousepad, get a replace in guanghua then.

Yes, translation software has not moved to Linux platform much. If Trados has Linus version…I guess you’d swap to Linux anytime now.