Lost ARC

I may have lost my ARC. I searched recent topics here but didn’t see the issue addressed.

Does anyone know the latest procedures for getting a replacement? I just had mine renewed last year, so it’s valid for another 2.5 years. Will the replacement be valid for the full time remaining?

By the way, it’s a marriage ARC.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

By the way, I have a photocopy of the front side of the ARC. But that doesn’t show the extension stamp on the back. I’m hoping they have records of all these things at the police station and it’s just a simple matter of walking in, saying “My bad” and getting a replacement.

Thanks again for any advice you can offer.

Yes, but I think you will have to pay for it. It did happen to me, but so long ago I have forgotten what happened. I think it was so close to my ARC renewal date that they let me off with just paying what I what have had to pay to renew it anyway.

Although the regulations say you have to carry your ARC, it is much better to carry a photocopy (two photocopies stuck back to back). If the police really need to see the original, they can go home with you to get it. That is the way Taiwanese people avoid losing their ID cards.

Thanks, Juba. That’s actually a really good idea! After I get my replacement, that’s what I’m going to do. :notworthy:

I remember some years ago the mag strip on my bank card gave out (after 5 or 6 years). It was an incredible hassle to get a new one, and I still had the old one in my possession! So, that sort of experience with bureaucracy has made me concerned about how difficult it will be to get a new ARC, especially considering the torture required to get it in the first place.

Is it just a matter of paying a fine and that’s all? No new application or anything I hope!

I don’t think you have to pay a “fine,” as you have done nothing wrong. Rather, you may have to pay a “charge” of some sort. You can be sure the police have your status on file.

I boogied over to the police station. Of course, I was always going to do that, but I wanted to hear people’s experiences here first, and I do appreciate your sharing them with me and assuaging my concerns over the weekend!

The process is simple: a form, 500 NT, your passport, a passport photo, and household registration form. 3 days and a new ARC is delivered. The date of expiry is the same as the visa expiration date stamped on the sticker they put in your passport when you first got the ARC or renewed it.

Hopefully this info will help anyone in the future with a similar problem. :slight_smile:

But I am going to do the smart thing and leave the original at home from now on!