Lost credit card need funds transferred

I need funds sent immediately to me in Taiwan,
lost credit card can’t go to ATM. What is best
way to do it. Will tawan banks accept a bank
check from my bank if my bank sends the bank check
to me in Taiwan. Also can I give someone here who
I know a personal check which they will then deposit
into their bank and then give me the cash later ?

What is the best way to do this please. No one back
home can send me any funds or wires out of their
own accounts. I will have to do the transfer out of
my own bank back in the states from here in Taiwan.
What do you suggest please. Also my bank will not
send me a replacement credit card to Taiwan. thanks


If you have an account in Taiwan’s bank,I think you can.
It needs about 2 weeks or a month or so.
And you have to pay the extra fee for the both banks.

If you have a Taiwan bank account, you can call your bank back home and have them wire the money to your Taiwan bank overnight. After calling your home bank, you will probably have to send them a fax with your signature authorizing the wire transfer.

thanks for your help, it is difficult to
lose a credit card, many banks talk about
how easy it is to replace if your on vacation,
but almost impossible if your out of the country
your pretty much screwed