LOST DOG in Taichung

Please spread the word and keep a look out for Layla. She is a medium-large mixed breed, brown with a black saddle. Layla had just moved in with her new family when a scooter crash spooked her and caused her to break her leash. We are concerned as she doesn’t know the area very well. She has an orange collar with a phone number and a black leash with glow-in-the-dark bones. She responds to her name and is easily enticed with food.
She was last seen near Tiger City on July 14 but could be anywhere in the city by now.
If you see her, call Caroline 0916 422 337
or Jacqueline 09 3104 8557

To see a picture go here:
facebook.com/home.php#/event … 8281550160

We are just getting ready to leave Taiwan and Layla was our foster dog for 7 months. This has been a devastating blow, I really want to know she’s safe and sound before we go.
Send an email if you have any questions.