Lost! In a Taichung Taxi

Last week my wife left behind something of enormous sentimental value in a Taichung taxi. It’s a really sad loss to our family :cry: :cry: :cry:.

The taxi was yellow (of course!) but also had a distinctive orange trim running all around the vehicle.
Does anyone have any idea how to trace this - could this be a small local firm, or might it just be a individual personalising their cab?

She also stopped outside a 7-11 at some point, might they have CCTV from which we could trace the taxi number? How long do 7’s retain their footage?

I know I’m clutching at straws here, but have to try.

Just a shot in the dark; I doubt this is the right one (I don’t think it’s exactly what you described, but it’s as close as I could come):

web66.com.tw/CW261/%E5%8C%85 … 1465.html#

This English-language page lists five taxi companies serving downtown Taichung:

eng.taichung.gov.tw/ct.aspx?xIte … 2634&mp=99

Here’s a Chinese-language page that has taxi companies for Taiwan by city or county (Taichung is about halfway down the page; it seems to list a few more Taichung companies than the one above):


This Chinese-language page seems to have a couple more Taichung companies (Taichung is a little less than halfway down):


Hope this helps.

Go to the police. Exaggerate the value of the item so they are motivated to help you. They can assist in getting the security footage and may know which cab company you’re referring to… The cab driver may have even turned the item in to them already.

Thanks both. Trying those taxi firms, and also now have the police hunting for CCTV footage. They’re being quite helpful.
Fingers crossed.