Lost in Kaohsiung..Not freaking yet

There is a simular post regarding a fellow in Taipei who might be losing it a bit and I am at wits end in Kaohsuing. I am using a four to five year old Lonely Planet attempting to navigate here. Most of the info is bad. I cannot find a hostel (Will they allow a 40 y.o. guy in one anyway?). Took two days to find a map with English spellings of the streets but with the two I found conflict with the street signs as well. I am also in desperate need to figure out a laundry plan of action. Funny thing is I am here fresh from a two month stay in Cambodia. I thought the adjustment would be quite easy from there to here. Where can I find some western folks?..anyone free for lunch? I have been here almost three days and have yet to see a white face. I was rather looking forward to seeing a few. I think I talked to 6 western folks in the last 2 months. Local information and/or contacts would be appreciated. Up for lunch?

I feel your pain about that Lonely Planet guide and its maps. I don’t know where you are in the city, but if you can find your way to place called Bagel Bagel, that might be a good start. They have notice boards for jobs, apartments, etc. There are two, one in the center of town on Minsheng Road, just west of Minchuan (sorry, I can’t type Chinese, but Minsheng runs east/west, and is north of Wufu Road). The second Bagel Bagel is on the north end of town. I don’t know its address, but I think there a lot of foreigners living in that area.

Feel free contact me if you need any help. My address was PMed to you.

missed you today Durins…The lady at your workplace said i was not lucky. How did she know? :s

I will be at that place for sure on Monday. I had to go to another school to play secretary. :blush:

Give me a ring or stop by again and I will try to help get you started .


:help: Running out of clean undies etc. Doesn’t anyone either offer a washing service here or perhaps know of a coin-op laundry mat in Kaohsiung I’m going to start smelling bad and then making all westerners look bad around here. locals seem to be baffled by my inquiry.

Here is the Kaohsiung tourist website. It’s about the best tourist website in the country:

The tourist office where you can get maps and excellent brochures: 5F, 235 Jungjeng 4th Rd; 07-281 1513
Also grab a copy of Taiwanfun magazine.

the English Tourist hotline: 0800 011 765

International Youth Hostel:
120 Wenwu-1st St ; 07-201 2477

Mindful Phoenix Arts: foreign and taiwanese run arts club:
2F, 165 Jungjeng-2nd Rd; 07-223 0581
Great people here.

It doesn’t matter; you won’t get your clothes clean anyway:
[How do you get your clothes clean?