<Lost> iPod

I-POD…missing, presumed dead, however, on the off chance that she is still alive and wants to come home and some wonderful person has found her and wants her to be repatriated with her rightful owner, please consider the following. As far as I can deduce, my beautiful I-POD and I parted company whilst I partook in a Blood Sugar test today (24th June) at “Eugene” hospital, after replying to an ad in the China Post (23rd June)

The test was carried out on FOREIGNERS only, and knowing how we all like to look after each other, I’m hoping someone out there is lovingly caring for my sorely missed I-POD. Her serial no. is YM520G2AS43 and if you switch her on and scroll to the info " About I-POD " , you’ll find her number listed. I know she’ll be missing me already, so PLEASE, if you found her, call me pronto. Thanx.