Lost Mail 2021

Hey good people,

I had a parcel sent to me by courier from the US. It got from the US to Taoyuan in the time you would expect, however, once it got to Taoyuan, it disappeared. Having checked the tracking number on the USPS website, it said that the parcel had DEPARTED Taoyuan airport and was en route to its final destination (entering the same tracking number into Chunghwa Post, it says NO DATA). This was more than a week ago so I am a little concerned.

So anyway, I’m wondering if anybody has recently had any experience with incoming parcels (couriered) being delayed and how long you had to wait. Also would like to hear from anybody who has recently had mail lost and hopefully recovered.

I’m hoping for “this is what you can do about it” responses (beyond check the tracking number) but would also appreciate “this is how long it took in my case” or “this is what is happening” responses.


Pretty common. It’ll probably show up at your door before you see it online.
Or it will say delivered but come the next day. The holiday surely slowed things down too.

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The USPS tacking number only works while the package is tracked by the USPS. Taiwan Post does not use the same tracking number.

You use the USPS number on their international tracking page, at least for priority and express.

I’m missing two letters that were sent from the US in December, so I’ve decided that postal systems are just fucked right now.

Something sent to me via Amazon two months ago disappeared. No clue where it went. Address was correct, but after section, the Lane # din’t say Lane it said Sec. 1, 160 then house #
Do they ever get returned to sender?

Remember we are just coming out of a four day weekend.

I’d say give it a few more days.


Just call the post office and they can tell you where to go pick it up. I’ve done it many times when people write addresses wrong.