Lost Mail 2021

Don’t worry. My mail is doing a world tour!

From multiple cities in Russia, a few in the UAE and now it’s in Vietnam for some reason.

I bought the thing 5 months ago.

I should be a parcel next. I’d get more travel opportunities as noted by mail’s travel history.


It’d be really lost if it’s actually at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

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Just arrived this morning!

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Usually in taiwan, customs is the choke point. It is rarely the logistics services post clearing the customs dogs and tax dogs.

You can bark back at the logistics companies, no issues. If you bark at customs, dont get emotional when your parcel gets burned, missing or returned to sender haha. Good rule to.follow, globally; though, taiwan is generally very good, especially compared to broken systems like in the USA, india, Philippines etc. The issue now is the ccp virus and the government dealing with a 3 way attack: china/chinese kmt sabotage, from the fact they want to protect people from the ccp virus/the absolute onslaught of mail orders due to shop closures (also due to ccp virus). be patient, they are still normally faster than most of the planet. In times like this, for domestic deliveries i suggest using post. Courriers are bogged down pretty bad these days

Nothing to do with Taiwan, but true story: I mailed about 20 postcards from Hanoi to the US and Taiwan (including one to myself) during my first trip to Vietnam. After months of not arriving I gave up hope. Finally they arrived one year later!

I didn’t have the same luck in Morocco. I mailed a number of postcards from Marrakesh in February of 2016 and so far none of them have arrived.

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