Lost my APRC, in Canada, I should be able to get it replaced when I return, right?

I’m sorry to say in practice, you are not allowed to leave the country for more than I year on an APARC, perhaps less.
To keep your APARC active longer, you must apply for permission first.
Otherwise, your APARC is void and all clocks are restarted to zero.
Assuming you might be married, you could get your joining family ARC and have all the rights you did as an APARC holder.
Because you left Taiwan because of a medical condition that may have affected your judgement, perhaps there may be a way to appeal. There are some legal minded people.
But, intent is the key thing. If you asked permission to extend your leave due to medical conditions, you probably could have just kept filing leave requests as long as you could prove a valid reason for not returning. Sadly as it used to say on the back of our APARC, the APARC is not permanent.
I hope you are feeling better and wish you luck in finding a way back.
Perhaps, if you can find a way to prove you were unable to request permission… No false hope, but rules are made by people. Take care…

2 Years.

Let’s leave the Asia-Pacific Research Center out of this.


Guys in the name of mercy stop calling the JFRV a marriage based APRC. If you have APRC, the same rules apply no matter how you got it, that is the beauty of it. A JFRV may seem similar as it comes with open work rights and even easier to get, but it is not an APRC.

If you do not apply for leave, you may lose the APRC. He may have some leeway because it is barely a year and under special circumstances.


Not all APRC are created equal :point_down:

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Are you confusing JFVR with APRC?

@Icon, @tando is right about the APRC, it makes a LOT of difference if you got the APRC by staying in taiwan being married after many years, or by work. Even though they both are eventually APRCs, the ones that got one after being married have much less flexibility for staying out of the country than the ones that got because of work. Thus the whole rage of unfairness in other threads.

P.s: I have also confirmed with the related authorities the prevalent mess still continues.

No, no confusion between JFVR and the marriage APRC.


You will loose your APRC if you stay away from Taiwan for too long if you had marriage based ARC prior. It is not as ‘permanent’ as it sounds.

If you had work based ARC you can stay out of Taiwan for 5 years without questions.


The differences are clearly written in articles of laws pasted in my previous post.

Off topic:
Another difference is open work permit. People who got APRC via marriage have work right, so don’t need open work permit.
It was not true. Anyone with APRC via any way and a taiwanese spouse has work right.


It is just that I see a lot of times people referring to the JFRV as APRC, especially in Facebook groups. That is very dangerous as stated regarding to how long you can stay out.

I am also getting Fed up with these exceptions and fine print, especially regarding married folk.

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iiuc, those word are for something like US immigration laws.

WTF Taiwan’s residency and citizenship laws are such a bloody mess.

Who the hell would have thought to have two different rules for folks on APRC who left the country and want to return ?

WTF logic is that ?


The Banana Republic . My friend had his APRC cancelled a couple of years back for staying out too long. His was based on marriage too.
They could be creating some pretty disenfranchised radical people. :thinking:

I’m pretty sure there are zero fucks given from the govt or most Taiwanese .
I was thinking of getting APRC as may leave the country soon (he never said that before lol) but now it looks like there’s no need.
As long as my laobao fund is still accessible with or without ARC… .

I’ve thought about that fund , is it inaccessible if we leave ?
Don’t leave before me friend,.
No surrender :+1:

Just curious, did they cancel it in country first and when he returned he got a surprise at immigration that it was cancelled or was it like the USA version where it’s still in force but then you show up to immigration and they refuse you entry and make you cancel it then and there ?

He got refused at immigration in Taoyuen international airport. , he was allowed on the plane from the UK to Taiwan . He’s back now but it took a few months of emails , phone calls, and much pleading…I would have to ask him.exact specifics.


APRC, not as permanent as the name suggests. And you are still treated as a tourist regarding many Taiwanese businesses (Banks, Telecom’s, etc.)

Most recent example


Just clarifying so you actually don’t need the open work permit, piece of paper?

right, if you are on APRC your spouse is a ROC citizen.

True but some employers still insist on it. I got a work permit (small plastic card) just to shut them up and make it easier. Just a quick visit to your local.immigration office.