Lost my dog on forumosa

I helped him log in to say happy birthday to Gustav, and now he’s wandered off. If you see him please send him home.


PS He looks like this

Because he can’t read road signs.


why do you want him to. . .

what happens when you get back?

Sorry, I don’t speak dog.

Anyway, the rules say you must post in English. You might be able to get Loretta to type for you, if she has a hand free?

This dog: forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 934#718934 ?
Do I get a reward ?

Lost doggies should be posted in the lost doggies forum.

Who let your dog out!?!

It’s OK, thanks. He turned up in my PM box with a smug smirk on his face.

I won’t be letting him out again for a while. I got an angry note from the moderator of the IP forum threatening to sue him for publicly humiliating the people posting there by making them look stupid.

[quote=“Loretta’s Dog”][/quote]
Yeah, right! You sit there and keep your mouth shut!

Woof Woof…

Loretta… I think your dog just turned up in my kitchen… did you leave the back door open again?