Lost passport

I have had the unfortunate experience of losing my passport. Tomorrow I will be making the reports both with the police and the AIT. The AIT claim it takes 4 weeks to get a new one. This is great since I have made travel plans for two weeks from now. The web site, however, claims I can go to HK to get a new one. Has anyone ever done this before? What was your experience?

How can you go to Hong Kong if you haven’t got a passport? The thing is that the AIT doesn’t have official diplomatic status, so it has to get your passport done in Hong Kong, which is why it takes so long. (That is the case with the British office, anyway. Correct me, anyone, if it doesn’t apply to the AIT.)

AIT sends all passport applications to the passport office in Honolulu, thus the long wait. Whatever you do, make a decision quickly, fees go up on 1 June.

AIT should be able to issue you a temporary travel document in less than four weeks.