Lost That Cool Little Record Joint

Has anyone been to a coffee shop near ShiDa called Wu Yun? I have been there a few times, but I’ve lost the address. The boss is Yunnanese, and has a massive collection of vinyl. Very cool place. I’d appreciate any help.


I know Shida very well, but can’t remember an Wu Yun. If you can describe it more, I can probably tell you.


Thinking about it a bit more, I think it is in an alley off of Tai Shun Jie. You turn onto Tai Shun Jie, then take a left at the second or third alley.

The boss is a long-haired, somewhat toothless guy with a physical handicap (bad leg). He has a phenomenal collection of records. He is one of many kids in his family who grew up in Burma, but they are ethnic Yunnanese. He makes really spicy, outstanding foods, pretty much whatever you ask him to make, and he’ll play whatever records you ask. Very cool guy.

The shop is small and has two levels. Sells alchohol and various teas. Wu Yun translates roughly to “Fog and Clouds.”

I can go out and find it myself. I was asking because I want to meet somebody there and needed to tell him where to go. Internet search proved fruitless. Thanks.

The address is:

Taishun Jie Lane 16 No. 39, the lane is close to that famous dumpling stall where a couple of women break the speed record in filling dumplings and people line up for ages.

The characters are巫雲

Sorry, I knew all the time that I had the business card at home but usually forgot about it by the time I came home from work.

Hope it still helps

That’s the place. Thanks. It helps.

6 years later, does anyone know if this joint is still around?
I’d love to go check out his vinyl.

Wuyun has moved to a new location. It’s right behind the Taipower building in the alley that runs parallel with Roosevelt and Dingzhou near the gay bookstore. It’s brighter (couldn’t get any darker than before) and certainly not as grungy as the Shida night market location.


No. 7, Alley 9, Lane 244, Roosevelt Rd. Section 3 Da-an District Taipei

OK, this is really OT, pedantic, and I apologise in advance but… isn’t Roosevelt in Zhong Zheng? (中正區)

I finally went to this place yesterday.
There was 2 of us, and the boss told us for 200nt each he would whip up a bunch of food for us.
So he gave us 5 different dishes (2 cold 3 hot) and rice.
It was good food, cool music, and retro atmosphere inside with all the records and decorations.
I’ll be back again. :thumbsup: