Lost: the Final Season

Not sure if anyone else is watching the final season of Lost here, but I’m a fairly big fan of Lost (I don’t post to Lostpedia and hunt down all those online games crap, but I’m nearly there), it’s up to episode 8 of this final season this week, with about 8 more to go, and the last 4 or 5 have been just plodding, like they’re drawing out the ending, barely giving you any goodies or revelations or much excitement, except maybe what Sayid and the Smoke Monster did at the Temple.

Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

“No Walter, you’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole!”

Not wrong. Not wrong at all.

ya, I nearly quit watching, they seem to just be addinga nother layer of story ontop, I guess to show the third dimension, had they not gone to the island and where they make the wrong choice on the island, they have somehow learned their lesson in “real life” or this third dimesion and that the grass is no greener - note jack’s appendix (maybe metaphorical for his invincibility), the aceptance of locke of his disability, the abrup ending of kate’s crime spree …

wouldnt suprise me if it was a computer simulator similar to “better than life” in Red Dwarf, or maybe the island is a dreamlike state they encounter when they are about to make an error, the island being a state of purgery then with the monstor acting as the devil and jacob the guardian angel… who knows, the writers are applying a modern style of total random unpredicability to keep you hooked so what seems like a hint is actually a red herring

Man if it’s a dream sequence - don’t know if you remember the final year of Dallas with Patrick Duffy in the shower - I may have to go postal on their sorry asses… I hope they’ve got something better than that in store, I don’t know, aliens maybe, a Survivor Island “this was all a game” thing…

What you call a “modern style” I am starting to think is “making shit up as they go along”

But hey we’ve made it 5 years+, and the first couple episodes this year were good - fingers crossed!

ya, I really hoping its a lull to build some stories for a final end of season whammy, massive explosion, everyone dies and then the new lives rise like phonexes from the ashes!

err, wait that happened at the end of season 5…


You lot watch “Lost”? :astonished: To think I once loved and respected you on these boards… :cry:

I can talk. I bought the complete “Prison Break” series. :blush: And I enjoyed it. :blush: :blush:

I admit it’s like an alien egg that grows inside you and then explodes through your chest cavity as withdrawal during the off-season, to that end, KEEEP AWAY and definitely don’t let any part of my body attach to your mouth for egg-insertion…

I was contemplating buying a ticket to Palau after the last episode, but its so damned expensive to get there.

Jack is going to kill Locke in a triumph of good over evil. Wait, maybe Sawyer…ugh, there are just too many loose ends… :laughing:

[quote=“TwoTongues”] it’s up to episode 8 of this final season this week, with about 8 more to go, and the last 4 or 5 have been just plodding, like they’re drawing out the ending, barely giving you any goodies or revelations or much excitement, except maybe what Sayid and the Smoke Monster did at the Temple.

The writers are treading water with extended sequences about the characters’ non-island lives, because they are desperately wracking their brains, trying to think of a plausible way to end this thing. And by plausible I mean an explanation that ties everything together, makes sense (in the suspension-of-disbelief way of movies), doesn’t leave any threads hanging, and includes all the characters.
Good luck.

I’m not so sure about that, I mean yeah it seems that way sometimes, but they claim to have a Big Book of Knowledge that they wrote from the beginning to keep all the threads and pieces together for their own sanity. Also, having just watched Epsiode 9 of this season last night (about Richard Alpert’s history), it seems they may be back on track with the really Good Stuff - it was pretty frickin good.

It seems to be picking up the pace now. Desmond’s episode “Happily Ever After” was great, and finally the alternate reality seems to be moving towards something (something Matrix-y, for that matter, which may or may not be a good thing).

What does worry me is how Desmond’s episode didn’t include Jacob or the Man in Black at all, and that may have helped make it better… the moving of those two to center stage is looking pretty questionable at the moment.

And next week… ok, I won’t spoil who the central character is, but almost everyone loves him/ her.

I think some of us will feel it’s going to be a wushy-end but hopefully it will end with some sort of clearity. I hope :pray:
I still like watching it, though :slight_smile:

So what do you think it’s all been about? What will happen? Will the island just explode once and for all? will the black dust excape (a new tv-show???)


So it’s over

and they went for religous pergetory, that pretty much sucks ass IMO, kind of happy I quit this season after episode 8 or so

Nicely put.

I thought Lost ended about 5 years ago. Was very surprised to hear it just had its final episode. :laughing:

Nyuck nyuck nycuk, are you Larry, Moe, or Curly?

though in my secret heart of hearts, I feel it finished in year 3, briefly reemerged in 5 with occasional relapses into life in 6

I liked the ending. Thought it wound things up nicely.

I thought it sucked and threw my headphones when “Christian Shephard” appeared to talk to his son, the sacrificial lamb. Of course, having watched all six years of the show, I didn’t make the connection with his name until Kate pointed it out in the finale. It didn’t tie up anything but the threads left open this season. So the question is, is it like the finale of Six Feet Under where everyone all died, but at different times or that they all died at the same time or that they all died in the flash-sideways at different times…

Did they all died in the plane crash and were in purgatory on the island and could only leave when they redeemed themselves? I had initially proposed five years ago when I moderated thetailsection.com, back when it was the largest Lost fansite, and Carleton Cuse refuted my theory publicly (along with my theory that they killed off Ana-Lucia and Libby after the actresses’ drunk driving arrests).

If that’s what the ending meant, I am seriously pissed off.


Is this that show about the dogs dream?