Lost yellow vaccine card

Hi folks,

I’m currently out of Taiwan and have lost my yellow vaccine card. It seems that one needs to now be able to prove vaccine status in order to enter Taiwan from November 24.

I have a photo of the vaccine card on my phone but don’t fancy having arguments with paper pushers at the border or at the quarantine hotels… Is it possible to get a replacement?

Please advise…

What?! Where did you see that regulation?



Normally you can get an official printout of your vaccination status at local government health centers (district health centers in Taipei). I’m not sure if they’ve connected these vaccinations to the system, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t. I would presume they’ll make arrangements to check the system at the airport, but I’d definitely check.

As @afterspivak says though, you sure about it?

Is this for the covid vaccine or something else?

Your NHI card, or log in to 1922 they mention you already taken the jab…then print it

Some got the vaccine before 1922 website existed.

Cannot find your registration record, please make sure that the information your entered is correct.[0007][bap1]

I am also one of the foreigners whose vaccine shot never has been entered into NHI database.
1922 hotline and hospital were not able to rectify.

So the yellow vaccine book is the only proof I have.

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Hi I read this on here

Here’s an English version too

Lol I’m hoping I’ve misunderstood and someone will show me some other info…

Alright in going to try contacting the hospital where I got my jabs and see what they say.

Cheers folks.

How about people registered with their Chinese name but going abroad no one really knows that’s you.

What you’ve identified are the conditions for the 7+7+7 quarantine rules scheduled to be in effect from December 14 to February 14. Double vaccination plus 14 days is needed to qualify for this special quarantine arrangement.

Vaccination is not however a requirement for entry to Taiwan (though I suspect it eventually may be for the newly arriving migrant workers).


Same happened with me in UK lost my card.
I installed NHS app to get my foreign travel covid19 passport, lo and behold no record of my jabs.
After lots of call to different places now on but dates are incorrect!!!

Was hoping to return Taiwan December but not going to happen now.


Ok so if I wanted to enter Taiwan and not quarantine at one of these government facilities but say at a private hotel would that still be possible?


The only variable with vaccination status is this: double vaccination plus 14 days (plus other conditions related to your residence in Taiwan) makes it possible to participate in the 7+7+7 quarantine arrangement.

Otherwise you need to do the usual 14 days in a hotel (or government facility) plus the 7 days of self-health management, i.e. the default quarantine arrangement.

Good luck!


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Ok so the private hotels can still put you up for 14 days but the government hotels can only house you for 7 days during this period. And you need to be vaccinated for the 7+7+7 scheme but you can be unvaccinated for the private hotels…


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