Lotus Hill

Lotus Hill in Shidzi. Does this place have a website. Can someone give it to me. What is their web address.

In here somewhere…

My husband and I are thinking about checking out Lotus Hill, but I’ve read some posts about bus services stopping July 1. So, how it now? Do you still have bus service to the MRT and is it efficiant? Without this, we won’t consider moving so I’m keen for your replies.

Also, there were some problems with landlords mentioned. Anything else? Anyone NOT have problems with your landlord? We have a baby under one year. Can you think of any negatives having a baby there?


The only changes ulitmately made to the bus schedule after outraged residents complained, were fewer routes during mid day. Thank god! It’s still as convenient as before. Dont know about landlord problems. They’ve left me alone since I made a big stink. We’ll see…