Lousy Interest Rates

I was astonished to learn that some of my savings are only earning about 0.5% pa… I had about (edited)NT$250K earning such a paltry amount…

So guys, check out your bank account’s interest rates… Don’t forget there are ways to earn more…


That’s barely enough to keep up with cost of living increases, right? Or not even enough.

This is why god made dividend paying blue chips! :slight_smile: I’m getting a 5+% dividend return from my MO, 3% from GE and PFE, plus capital appreciation. And if the price drops, like PFE now has, then I get more from my dividend.

We have emergency money in the bank…all the rest is invested. Banks, unless you own the stock, are the worst places for your money to make money.

.5%…it’sa crime

My friend uses bond ladders as income earners. Works pretty well, as he, like you, has a butt load of money. Or is that 250K NT dollars? :slight_smile:

Do you get taxed for foreign withholding rate at 30%? I do.

It’s killed my dividends. Still 6-7% is better than nothing. :wink:

I own



some bond funds

all of which pay decent dividends…

I just get clobbered by the 30% withholding tax. Seems unfair, but I can’t figure out how to legally avoid this tax.


ah Ken…thats right. You’re Taiwanese, yes?

Sorry. I’m American…just the regular tax for me. :slight_smile:

The world is unfair in my favor in this case.

Ken, my feeling is you hold onto GE and MRK for a long long time and when you finally do sell them, the 30% wont seem like so much.