Love Boat Summer Camp? Looking for info


Hey all. I have a buddy of mine whose Taiwanese and he has older sisters who have participated in the love boat camp. Unfortunately he won’t be able to attend this year, but I may be able to and I have some questions. Can someone give me an overview of what the camp actually is? I have hardly any info and would love to hear some of your stories or anything like that.

Other Questions:

  • Government funded?
  • Ages?
  • Duration?
  • Experiences?
  • Location?


Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Government funded?
  • Ages?
    Summer: 18~24 / 12~18
  • Duration?
    Summer: July 5 / 6 to August 14 / 15 in 2018
  • Experiences?
  • Location?
    Shih chien univ in Taipei / Tamkang univ in dansui


“It is rumored that some participants engage in sexually promiscuous activity although several eventually ended up marrying each other”

What this really means is it’s a 4-week shagfest. Bring lots of rubbers.


Careful what you suggest, I believe the OP might have to join the 12-18 age group.


That’s disgusting. How dare you.

OK, scrap the rubbers, bring erasers and Twink.


Moreover, most of those pairings are pre aranged. they just come to meet “more of their kind”, as one teacher explained to us.


I wanted to check it out last summer for funzies but was told that they don’t accept people in the U.S. or something so I’d double check with your local TECO in case they have specific requirements. I assumed that meant too many ABT types and too few from other countries were attending. They suggested I volunteer to teach English in rural areas instead. :neutral_face:


They have several classes and some of them (maybe about half) are for people from specific countries (mainly SEA).


Haha I’m doing to teaching this coming summer. I’ll do the love boat camp once I’m older


No you aren’t. I don’t know what you’re doing but you sure as heck aren’t “doing to teaching”.


dam the typing is getting sloppy.

I’m teaching this coming summer


Yeah I noticed this. Definitely not as interested in introducing kids from the West. Based on the number of SEA immigrants to Taiwan, do you think there are many of these kids? I imagine there could be quite a few.


Once you’re old enough to take advantage of it? :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also a Chinese language-learning one I think. If you’re hoping to learn much Chinese while you’re there, I’d just note that most people there end up speaking English the whole time. You can see the group of kids in bright yellow shirts around Taipei early summer, speaking English loudly. Once I inquired politely what program they were part of, and this British girl snapped at me, annoyed that I interrupted her extremely important conversation.


Maybe they should divide them according to orientation or fetish.


Not really. Mostly rich Overseas compatriots descendants of the dragon.