Love does not have to be translated

In one of my English language classes we were talking about movies. One student mentioned a movie . . . . . . . and the best I could understand, from his attempt to translate the title into English, is something like:
Love does not have to be translated

From what I can gather, this must have been in the Taiwanese theatres in the last six months or so . . . . . .

Can anyone provide the CORRECT English language title? Is there a source where I can see some online reviews or something???


“Lost In Translation” is the movie, I believe.

SZA, while we are at it, and your good at translation titles, what is the actual Chinese title of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. In English, literally, the day after tomorrow means TWO DAYS FROM NOW…but the CHinese title says something different. CAn you explain it? Thanks

My guess would be something like “Will Cross After Tomorrow”. Anyone else know? I know that “ho tien (後天)” is “day after tomorrow”, but yea the title is way different.

It means “after tomorrow”.

Thanks, Maoman. I guess the literal “the day after tomorrow” or two days from now, HO TIEN, doesn’t mean what the ENglish title means, which is what Maoman says in Chinese it means, “after tomorrow.” But is there no way to so this poetically in Chinese, such as “the day after the day after tomorrow” ? or is this the best way to do justice to the US title?

Must be an interesting job, being a movie title translator. Must be half linguist and half marketing wizard!

What was the CHINESE title for STUCK ON YOU? The same or very different?

I think what the Chinese title is getting at is the fact that what happens in the movie, the massive climate change, isn’t JUST going to affect that ONE day; that it changes everything from that day on - everything “after tomorrow”.

If I remember right, it was something like “Of course I’ll stick by you” - “stick” here as in like glue sticks to stuff, not any other possible idiomatic Chinese version of “stick by someone”.