Love Triangle: Who Loses Out?

Boy loves girl, who loves boy, and boyfriend.

More specifically, girl loves boy (who loves girl), but is co-dependant on boyfriend, who is co-dependant on her.

Girl enjoys seeing boy from time to time, and enjoys his affection, attention and the sex (she aint getting any from the boyf, he works too much).

Boy would love to win her over, but has realized the truth - she aint leaving boyf. Boy is leaving Taiwan in six months or so, and kinda realizes that she will have the boyf as a ‘cushion’ when he hits the highway.

Who wins and who loses here? All three? Seems like heartache for the three of them, at some stage or another…

Everyone loses.

What does boy mean to do by “winning her over” and then leaving in six months?

Boy would rather have a serious, monogamous relationship with her, than be caught in a triangle.

Boy would willingly adjust his plans for her, including staying on in Taiwan indefinitely. However boy sees the futility of the situation, thus he’s made plans to move on.

Boy go home. Jane like Tarzan.

and if the boy realize such is the case, the boy should move on, completely

Boy should also realise that girl willing to have sex with other man could also do the same to boy later (especially if boy becomes too busy). Boy should go to nearest pub and find new girl, preferably girl without other man. :laughing:


I totally agree with Mianbao.

As someone who has been in situations resembling “boy”'s position before, I can say without any hesitation - “boy” should give it up. Not a snowball’s chance in hell this could end well. For anyone.

One question for boy. Suppose boy were to stay in Taiwan and said girl were to leave the current boyfriend to be with boy. Would boy be truely able to trust said girl? Would said girl be worthy of any trust?

We do not know all the facts here. Like, how long this has been going on? Do boy and the boyfriend know each other? Very poor show if boy and boyfriend are friends. Is the boyfriend’s workload the only reason said girl is seeking the affections of boy? Has she done this before? Blah blah blah…

Only boy really knows the situation. And boy surley has more doubts than indicated in the original post…

Methinks boy should think very carefully before doing anything rash. Although, there is something to be said for the get on and move on with your life advice given above, such advice doesn’t fit every situation…

Boy is not particularly trusting, so would have big trust issues with girl, if they were in a one-on-one.

Above situation been on the go for over a year. Boyfriend was told some of the details some months back, but believed it to have ended.

Boy doesn’t know boyfriend.

Boy provides a constant source of attention and affection, which girl sorely seeks, due to insecurity and self-esteem issues.

Boy thinks it very nearly time to cut losses and find a single girl.

Anyone rates the chances of boy salvaging a friendship with girl? And girl doing this again to boyfriend?

Boy would be crazy not to do so.

Boy would be crazy to maintain a friendship with the girl. What for?

Boy really needs to find girl not already taken.

[quote=“Tinpot Terrorist”] so would have big trust issues with girl (who has)
insecurity and self-esteem issues.


Boy should read those lines. Girl has tons of baggage. Baggage would take years to sort out. Boy will get tired of this. Love would fade. Boy and girl would separate said years later none the wiser, but crying over lost time.

Bottom-line: boy should leave.

Always possible.

Magic 8-Ball says: “Signs point to Yes”

I think before you stop seeing her, you should propose a threesome, just to see the look on her face.

I feel like I stepped into a page of Bridget Jones’ Diary.

If girl and boy get together, girl will become co-dependant on boy, can boy handle that? Does boy want to take care of another grown human being?

If girl and boy get together, girl will become co-dependant on boy, can boy handle that? Does boy want to take care of another grown human being?[/quote]
Especially while she’s out screwing yet another boy on the side. She’s doing it now with boy, what makes boy think she won’t do it again?