Lovely, Lively Little Lynxie


Hi, everybody … humans calls me Lynxie ‘cause my ears stick up like a lynx. (That’s a wild cat in Canada!) But other dogs call me ‘Little Lucky’ ‘cause I got rescued the same day I was abandoned! It was at Baishawan Beach and I was only six weeks old. My owner dumped me there and never came back. I couldn’t believe it! But then I saw Sean from Animals Taiwan - a guy who loves dogs - so I just jumped in his arms and give him a friendly lick! Was I glad when he took me home! But Sean has many dogs to take care of. I need a permanent home and YOU can give it to me! Think about it - a 100% healthy house-trained puppy to bring joy into your family. That’s ME! Come say hello! You won’t be sorry.

I’m Jeremy and I walked Lynxie along the Keelung River. If you’re serious about getting a dog and caring for her, then I HIGHLY recommend Lynxie! She’s young and creates all the fun of a puppy and yet is perfectly obedient, clean and well-behaved. She deserves someone who will value what a playful little charmer she is. She’s already been spayed (in fact, we believe she’s the youngest ever spayed in Taiwan) and loves people. Send us an email and set up a time to come meet her or take her for a walk!

CONTACT (delete the X’s): XXXinquiries@animalstaiwan.orgXXX

INFO: Sex - Female; D.o.B. - Oct, 2006; Size - Medium (<15kg); Spayed/Neutered - Yes
Vaccinations: 8-in-1, rabies; Microchipped - Yes; Adoption Fee - Yes (email for details)

[quote]Humans calls me Lynxie ‘cause my ears stick up like a lynx. (That’s a wild cat in Canada!)[/quote]Come off it, you don’t really know what lynxes’s ears look like. You just made that up to look clever.