Low-Cost Airlines in North Asia?

I’m planning to do some trips (HK, Seoul etc.) in the near future hence I’ve been checking airfares and as of today I haven’t found any discount airlines flying to/from Taiwan similar to EasyJet in Europe or even AirAsia in South Asia. Are there really none over here?

It’s limited. You have Jetstar Asia (flies Taipei, HK, Bangkok, Manila, Singapore and a few other cities) and Tiger Airways - kinda similar to Jetstar as well.

Thanks for these.
I’ve checked out the websites, JetStar does fly from Taipei but only to Singapore so it can be useful for trips towards the south, e.g. Australia.
In the meantime I spoke to a Korean friend who said she had heard news that a couple of new cheap airlines are in the pipeline targeting North Asia so hopefully that will also include Taiwan.