Low-Grid Camping/Living With a Musical Instrument in Taiwan

Salt is working well to keep the place clean and dry.

Is there anything better than Old T-Shirts and Salt to stop the water coming in on really rainy days? Maybe some sand? I can deal with standard Dampshui rainy days just fine. But weeks of rain, and my floor ends up pretty wet. Im going to take it seriously this year, and think hard about solutions.

Millet, citrus peel, choy sum, is working pretty well as a staple.

Excellent exercises here. Good to see someone work so hard on one chord. That’s exactly what I need to do.

Says to mute the bass strings very lightly with the edge of your hand.

Been doing a lot of one and two chord exercises after watching that John Doyle video… the simpler you keep the left hand, the more time you have to focus on the nuances of the right hand.

I was going to start a thread: “Which is better: A Wife or A Rice-Cooker?” but I reckon it’d be seconds before it got slung into the temporary forum.

So I won’t…
Don’t worry.

Been eating Millet for two weeks, and feeling better. I ran out of millet, and ate half-rice half-millet for one meal, “for old times sake.”
When I woke up this morning, I felt slightly achey. Nothing huge… but I reckon rice has pesticides/arsenic or something in it.

Going to stick to millet, choy sum and fruit from now on. Slightly low-protein, but it’s a good enough staple for the moment.

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