Low Res material looks better on VCD, can I burn vcd to dvd

I’m burning copies of an old TV series to watch on my DVD player. The VCD’s look quite acceptable. Actually very good! But when I burn a DVD… THe lines, are jagged, the movement jerkey and it’s just all around bad!

I want to use the DVD format to squeeze more episodes on a bigger disk. So, is there any programs or settings that would give me the same quality of a VCD, but the time capacity of a DVD that will play on my DVD player as my VCD does?

Here’s what I have…
Nero 7 premium…
Sothink Movie DVD maker
Source material is mostly AVI.

I’m willing to buy something but ofcourse I’d prefer freeware.


OK… I’m toasted… Actually… I have no patience for tinkering anymore. I’m tired… The babies are asleep. …

I just want to watch standard resolution vcd quality TV. Is there an easy way of putting my avis onto DVD that looks as good as the VCD.

Toast is actually a program that can burn and convert video files. It can do lots of other stuff too. I use it all the time on my Mac, although I’m not sure it’s available in the Windows world.

Yes, it converts avi files to burn to a DVD, and will let you compress a lot - more than you should, if that’s what you desire. (You can also compress a double layer DVD to a single layer one with Toast).

Not freeware; $100 or so to buy by download, and it has an annoying habit of introducing “brand new” versions every year or so that really should just count as cheaper upgrades. If you’re… er… doing lots with video files, it’s worth it. Tons and tons of buried features that I don’t know about.