Lower the decibels of the garbage trucks

The water rate here is practically free also, I can’t see how they add it to that, but if they do its a good service for the price.

My water is around 350 every 2 months that covers daily clothes wash and showers etc, now your saying it also includes 2 a day rubbish collection 6 days a week, (3 times a day if I have a 5min walk at 4:30).

The farm pays 0 as we have mountain water and can order a truck to come with a grabber on the back when needed.

That’s a good service at very little if no real cost.

I didn’t say it was expensive, but it’s not free. I think the charge amounts to about 50nt so it’s very cheap.

One pack of 24 liter bags lasts me about 10 weeks. The pack costs about 150nt.

By the way private rubbish removal is very expensive. This is for commercial establishments. I think it costs at least 8000nt a month. They generate more trash than a resident ever will.

All is not lost! Recycled buildings bricks
And more!

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Or put it another way: it is easier to put up with noise than to be more responsible collectively?

Hey… Don’t knock it until you try it. Everyone has a part to play :dancer:

And people need to gather to dispose of their garbage, no other way of doing it.

Alright let’s scale this thing up! Stop building ghost apartments from concrete and get these ecobricks building homes instead!!

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Thank god. I hate to see that stuff blowing around.

The noise complaint is legitimate. But a phone app isnt the sollution, for multiple reasons. What else can be done?

Considering how most of times, i dont even get the notification of earthquakes, i feel having an app for garbage trucks means i will miss the truck like 99% of the time.


Imagine the poor foggers at the recycling sorting place needing to uncrush every peice to separate the different shit: labels, lids, seals, lid seal rings and so on. I cant imagine how much more would be burned, buried, exported or illegally dumped if that were the case! Ideally if the general public were responsible enough to separate EACH thing, it could happen. but…ya fucking right. nevermind taiwan, anywhere. It would be nice though. Solving trash issues is very simple, but it wont happen. everyone is far too entitled. The question is how can we balance effectiveness with entitlement? Insanely hard problem to solve. Some music for a few minutes, arguably, is far better than people dumping shit illegally (extremely common already, even with door to door service 6 days a week for free) or burn it (also extremely common just because people cant be arsed to wait for the variance in pick up times)

What is a government to do? Being strict as all hell will get them voted out, so they wont impose huge fines usually. only sometimes for a general warning and to look like they care. Somehow I bet this would be more influential on votes than say a Chinese invasion :joy:

Taiwan already has more waste services for people than I bet anywhere else in the west. It’s not good enough because lots goes to waste, but where is better than Taiwan? And yet we still see trash everywhere.

At some point people need to shut the fuck up and be adults and respect the friggen place they live, even just a little. The entitlement is beyond insanity on this.

As an aside, last day before Chinese new years. our area was delayed 2 hours. trucks just drove slow and if you weren’t on the curb I saw them yelling (even.at the grandmas) too late, impossible! These are the delays. with the next few days of no service, what does one think will happen:

  1. the garbage will be stored and escalate at peoples homes.for rats and cockroaches to get attracted? Or,

  2. They dump it somewhere else?

My money based on observation is #2 it gets funky near the end of Lunar New Year :nauseated_face:

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Corporations, insistent on excessive packaging, are too entitled. They got us into this mess by insisting that their packaging could be reused and recycled, even though they knew then and have always known that’s not the case. They also got us further into this mess by paying for campaigns like the “Native American” crying about the trash in the river (the actor was Italian). Trash that wouldn’t be there if the largest corporations in the world didn’t switch to single-use plastic over reusable, deposit-needed packaging. But it’s “entitled consumers” who are at fault? “Entitled” consumers that have the choice of packaging or different packaging, because there are very, very, very few corporations out there controlling the vast majority of the world’s food supply? The major corporations appreciate your continued support in placing the blame on the general population for the trash problem that they created. It means governments around the world can continue to scratch their heads and use tax-payer money to fund recycling programs and pay people to sort trash, rather than governments turning on the corporations and telling them to fork over the money needed to do that work.


In the 1970s in NY they tried giving us simple white wrappers in nonperishables, cans and cereal, stuff like that. No one bought it because they thought it was crap quality because of the dull and unappealing labels.

People are funny creatures. It’s not about entitlement as far as I can tell. That’s a simplistic boogeyman.


So what you’re saying is, the problem is whiteness

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The ink was black.


One time I’ve discussed that with my Taiwanese friends and told them that it must be absolute nightmare and total brainwash to work as a garbage man in Taiwan and constantly hear this tune for 8+ hours a day.

They didn’t catch my point at all, and they said that it’s just as every other job and you just turn off your brain and work automatically so it’s fine.

I think Taiwanese are just better at turning their brain off and going full autopilot mode without much thinking. They are taught that from early age where they just have to study all day but they don’t really have to learn anything so they can just passively flow through life without much thinking


Yup thats how things are here. I once asked a 7-11 worker if the constant door opening sound ever bothered him and he said his mind doesnt even notice the sound anymore.


Taiwanese walking the sidewalks is a perfect example of this.
Also uBike riders, old men and women on bikes.


Well, your argument is pretty common. And I largely agree, to a point. That is, companies are not good as far as being responsible for their quality…which I include their pollution contributions. But it is absolutely not as simple as “big bad rich guy fucking the wrold”. Sometimes, in fact often, the consumer has the responsibility as well. I dont buy the narrative that big corporations are 100% to blame. people can choose not to buy coca cola plastic bottles…that’s a choice of the consumer. They are not a monopoly and there are NUMEROUS options. If coke packages into plastic bottles, it is our decision to buy them… this example I put 100% of the blame of the consumer. Without hesitation. Coca cola, taiwan beer, fanta etc reuse their glass bottles. there are options. Some companies dont have options…but I have the option to not buy their shit. Which I often choose to exercise.

the reality is the consumer just wants cheap impulse buys more often than not. There are valid arguments for necessities and safety. I grant you that. I want syringes sealed in olas tic and thrown away after use. This is for sure. or preserved food that might get contaminated with dangerous shit. there is no excuse for say an SD card in costco being sold in a plastic A4 sized sheet under the assumption it is for either anti theft or for marketing to catch the eyes of simpletons that like bright shiny colors like many animals in the forest. The reality is consumers are quite guilty. it is too obvious to ignore. It is also true corporations are to blame for not improving sometimes. I can tell you we spend all our extra money on refining packaging and packaging to be less wasteful. We lose about 10~18% customers domestically, 34~45% exports because we use more sustainable packaging that is heavier, more breakable and more expensive. We even eat most the cost and they wont accept it, they prefer plastic bags…

what the consumer likes to do is blame corporations for their own failures, mirrors dont exist anymore. It is just human nature I guess. “everyone else is to blame but me”. this is the root of nearly all problems, people are selfish. corporations are selfish. they just use the company as an excuse to do shit they know is wrong. Same with people using companies as the excuse for them to buy shit they know is wrong. Hypocrisy all around. In reality, every corporation, save monopolies, are a slave to consumer demand. if customers dont buy stuff, companies change their shit in order to make money. They may try and trick people to buy something, but if they dont succeed the product goes into the myst and .disappears.

So there are 2 ways to think if this issue. the customer controls the sales of the company. Or, the company controls the minds of the customer.

I prefer to not accept we the people are that damn stupid that we can be so easily manipulated. So I dislike the thinking that corporations control us. Even if this is a little true (eg. in war times the war machines run the day), we shouldnt spread this as an acceptable reality and take the power back… If we blame the corporations for things like consumer product packaging, we are literally saying we the people are too fucking dumb and dont care and we are easily tricked into buying.crappy big shiny shit that give us health issues. If that is to be taken as reality, we have far bigger issues to tackle than music for waste collection and littering.

By comparison I’m paying near 150 USD a month for water for just the wife and me and three cats who don’t take baths

And we just shower not doing baths

We do wash a lot of clothes though
A load or two a day

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