Lower the decibels of the garbage trucks

How many outfit changes do you do in one day?

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Wifey gets out of her Jammie’s and throws them in the wash me too
Put on the work clothes and put them in the
wash or the weekend clothes at days end

If it’s gym day then gym clothes and/or swim suits and towels

Then we have bathroom towel change every 2 days
And bedsheets weekly
Blankets weekly but at the laundry


  1. Get out jammies from drawer.
  2. Throw them in the wash.
  3. Throws tommy in the wash him too.

^ Is how I read it.


You should consider getting a front loading washer then, those are designed to use much less water than conventional washers.

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Not wanting to spend like 1500 for new washer and dryer
But yes those wash really nice and use less water

get used ones… As long as they work and is clean they should still conserve water.

Or reduce the number of loads you do per day. You have no idea how much washers (especially those top loading ones) consume water.

If the thing can cut your water consumption by half then it will pay for itself in a year or so.

Those front loaders are designed to be used in places where water and electricity are both extremely expensive.

I’m debating whether using the laundromat is cheaper or not
I have been using them exclusively and recently doing mostly at home so the jury is out

Two washes at home is one 9 dollar wash at my laundromat

And the dryer is cheap
Two bucks will handle one 40 min dry session
So 11 bucks total

Not sure it’s cheaper at home or not
But it’s more convenient

I don’t have to sit in my car outside the laundromat for the 35 min wash cycle and the 40 min it takes to dry

I can be at home watching tv

Laundromats are only cheaper if you do very limited loads per week, like about one a week (which is how much I wash).

If your area is charging a ton of money for water then there’s no way laundromats are cheaper the way you wash, they gotta turn a profit too.

Or there’s a leak somewhere, check for that. Toilets are the worst offender, and toilet leaks are hard to detect, and you only know by getting a bill.

I used to get water bills of 1500 every two months (which is really high for Taiwan), and then I fixed the toilet water level and now it’s barely above 300. It seems my toilet was leaking water into the bowl slowly when the water level is above its default point. I set it high when I moved in because it didn’t flush well at the default level. It seems to have a mechanism that drains all water until it’s at its default level, and with the toilet constantly filling it, you get the picture. I really want to replace the whole thing because I have no idea where the leaks coming from, but when I put it back to its default level the water bill went back down to 300 (and this is me sharing water with the residents upstairs).

You doing one load a day isn’t going to be cheaper at the laundromat.

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That’s 10 months of water. The front loader will last years. Ours is awesome. Do the math.

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We had front loading washers since the 80s!
Most folks used to have dryers but with the cost of electricity many don’t buy/use them anymore. I think in the US it’s illegal to hang your washing on a line though.

Tommy how do you survive with those crazy costs. I couldn’t do it.

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Take a look at western countries how they handle garbage pick-up.

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Excuse me… WHAT???

You cannot even do such an innocent thing as hang your clothes on YOUR OWN LAND?

Ah yes I forgot… THE LAND OF FREEDOM - MURRICA! :smiley:


My sarcasm detector is picking something up here, but it has been on the fritz lately


In my home country only on Sundays (it’s a law), and especially during pigeon racing season.

In the US it depends on your HOA.


Got an example? the western countries I have lived in or visited dont come remotely close to being as good at trash pickup as Taiwan. By a long shot. But to be fair, taiwan is pretty much a standard nation wide with the exception of truly remote areas. Hence the praise. Many of the places I have seen abroad, namely in the west, are different in each municipality (or equivalent ). Which is why they can truly suck. But as a nation, I have yet to see or read about better than Taiwan in the developed world. Excited to learn if there are though! For me, I think the collection is pretty first rate. it is the disposal we might be more concerned about.

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At least garbage trucks don’t operate at night. My sleep is constantly disrupted by dogs barking; I’ve never lived anywhere with such a concentration of canines.

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I live next to a temple. There are about a hundred dogs that they feed. Fuckers scream all night.
Glad I’m a cat person.


When the dogs aren’t barking, the cats are fighting/copulating here. We even had a neighbor with a particularly loud parrot. (I’m not living on Tonghua Street, I swear, though it sounds like it.)


America is a lot more convenient with trash pickup though, at least in apartments. You just throw your crap in the dumpster whenever you want and once a week a truck comes and empties it.

However it is full of rats, raccoons, stray dogs, roaches, and it smells BAD.

Imagine having that in Taiwan.

Most apartments here do that as well, just the smaller houses turned apartments vary because they weren’t constructed for dumpsters. Usually the strata covers the disposal. Even then, Taiwan trash pickup is leagues ahead of the US, no? Nearly everyday, same with recycle.

Probably rodents, roaches etc are impossible to avoid with the high population density. Unless loads of chemicals are used. I doubt any culture is so organized and clean to avoid the super invasives entirely :innocent: