LTH advise for the DPP


First, he said the government should insist on upholding the identification with Taiwan and eradicate the identification with China that has poisoned the nation.

Second, the government should beef up Taiwan’s national security and strongly and firmly oppose China’s military buildup.

Third, the government is obligated to tenaciously defend the country and the people’s economic interests, and stop the mistaken economic policies that further open up China’s market to Taiwanese investors.[/quote]

  1. Yes that made perfect sense in Mandarin. Try learning some Minnan when you suggest nationalistic jingo-ism like that.

  2. I’m sure Russia is going to listen to Taiwan’s protest of weapon sales to the PRC.

  3. Isn’t this the guy that claimed ROC is dead, so I’m not too sure exactly what country he’s talking about defending in a tenacious manner.

Taiwanese investors have been investing in China through off-shore accounts even when LTH was President. So I don’t see how they are exactly going to stop this trend.

I’m sure CSB loves the “back-seat” executive decisions LTH is making during his self-imposed absence.