LTH causing trouble going to Japan

Is it wise for LTH to go Japan now

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  • Where’s Japan?

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LTH is causing more trouble for Taiwan, China, and Japan by going to Japan. … 38/1/.html

In addition LTH stated

“I wanted to come back”[/quote]

Not to mention Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda on Tuesday complained about the media covering former

Who is next on the list of going to Japan? The Dali Lama…

The only party causing any trouble is the Chinese. It’s really none of their damn business.

So, ac_dropout, should all presidents, vps and cabinet members of Taiwan be prohibited from leaving Taiwan for their entire lives? Should LTH be consigned to perpetual house arrest, in the manner of Aung San Suu Kye?

It is the Chinese Communists that should not be allowed to leave their country not free democratic peace loving nations! Ban the North Koreans, the Burmese and the Chinese, but not Taiwan leaders past present or future. Why ostracize a peaceful democracy!!!

You are a crazy mouthpiece for the Chinese Communists AC!

Who cares if it upsets Communist China, who the hell are they? It is none of their business. The Japanese should not allow themselves to be pushed around by the nasty Communist bullies in China. How dare China threaten Japan! I think it is time that the Japanese stand closer to Taiwan and fight back against their belligerant totalitarian neighbor!

Totally agree that LTH should not be allowed to go anywhere! I mean he is a carreer criminal. His crimes include such as having lead Taiwan from
a family dictator ship to full democracy and worse having been the first democratically elected President of Taiwan! State to state! :raspberry:

Actually, you should have included “Don’t really care” as a category. It SHOULD not even be a political issue, and I think the Japanese made the case for his visa quite nicely. In short, Lee is a private citizen regardless of his past political posts. Tis none of China’s business to tell him where to go as long as it isn’t China. Japan is not their colony yet…although I am sure that is somewhere on the “to do” list of the CCP.

“Lee Teng-hui is the chief representative of radical separatist forces on Taiwan,” Liu was quoted as saying. "On the global stage, he is every inch a trouble maker

Well if Taiwan is part of China
and is recognised by most of the globe as such…then how can Lee Tung Hui cause trouble on a global stage… unless of course he might say something that may bring into question the people’s of Taiwan’s strong desire to go back with the PRC (as always spouted by the PRC) :loco:

The PRC is a great publicist for Lee Tung Hui…
Keep up the work

I also assume that the “radical seperatist forces” encompass all of about three people Lee Tung Hui, Chen Shui Bian and Annette Lu :noway:

More or less. PRC has a black list of Taidu proponent that will probably know no peace in this lifetime.

Pan-Blue proponents usually get a little more slack from the PRC. But it is not by choice. It is just that the Pan-Blue and PRC have more common ground in trying to resolve the Strait Issue.

Madness to have posed the question in the first place.

China is a big spolit baby that spat the dummy out of the pram. Ignore it. Only way to deal with spolit brats. Just say, in a firm steady voice: “Not now, China, the adults are talking.”

Lee Teng Hui is a man with a strong personality and a love for Taiwan. He is not afraid to do battle with the Chinese imperialists with all possible means.