LTH, TT reporting: What the...?


Citing the example of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, Lee said it could take generations to build a new country, and since Taiwanese had never been allowed to lead the country before the DPP won the presidency, “somebody thought he was the king when he was elected president.”[/quote]
Yes we know LTH like to make himself out to be Moses, but forgets to mention Moses got the Jews lost in the desert after they left Egypt.

But that’s not the jist of my rant. Excuse me, but isn’t LTH Taiwanese? Unless TT has decided to use Taiwanese to mean Hoklo now. I’m mean seriously no wonder TI supporters are all confused, even the English language TI newspaper on Taiwan has no clue on keeping their own terms consistent.

[quote]“I am asking parties with centrist positions to stop the two extreme forces from ruining the country,” he said. “We need someone to speak out for the middle and lower classes and resolve their problems.”

As the guiding voice of the Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU), Lee said he was glad to see the party stage protests pressuring the legislature to pass the government budgets. Lee said the TSU was transforming into a center-left party dedicated to improving the welfare of the underprivileged.[/quote]
:laughing: What is LTH talking about? His TSU has the highest concentration of Japanese elitist and their descendents in it. They regularly pander to the right-wing factions of Japan. LTH never worked an honest day in his life, now he wants the poor to rally behind him.

Yes we know LTH like to make himself out to be Moses, but forgets to mention Moses got the Jews lost in the desert after they left Egypt.

It was God’s comandment(decision) to allow the Isrealites to be in the desert for 40 years because of their lack of faith. Moses didn’t get anyone lost.

RabbiNamahottie :smiley:

Are you sure?

The guy is barely human in my book and leads a cult that I consider on the same level of Falun Dafa.

who, Moses?

A famous Jew.

Sammy Davis Jnr!!!

that’s the truth… sheesh… I had the misfortune of arriving at CKS airport on the same flight as him after his last trip to Japan and upon his arrival at the baggage claim area at CKS he was surrounded by a small but psychotic group of oddballs in green (no not the media) who were waiting for him and they all fell into a little gaggle around him and as he walked they all chanted "Lee &^@#… Ai lu you… Lee &^@#… Ai lu you… " over and over and over… didn’t catch what the &^@$# part was, but the second half was evidently supposed to be “I love you”… :loco:

truly oddball behaviour… although IMO anyone who strenuously supports any Taiwanese politician is a few fruity hats short of a Mardi Gras…

Sammy Davis Jnr!!![/quote]

I think he means Mel Gibson.

The TT article is incomprehensible. It’s talking about a speech Lee gave at the “Lee Teng-hui Academy” on 6/24. I found a couple of Chinese language reports on the speech, one by CNA, and one by a China Times reporter, and even they say different things. I don’t think this is attributable to different political stances in this case; Uncle Lee was apparently rambling a bit. Both CNA and CT have enough of the speech to see that it is basically aimed at the TSU, pushing them to work hard to get elected and not to get too close to Chen Shui-bian. Big news. Anyway, neither of the two Chinese accounts mention the Moses thing (Remember? Lee is Moses and Chen is Joshua.) Here’s the Chinese in the CT report, which is probably closest to what he actually said, and a hasty attempt at an English translation:


“In Taiwan, there was no Emperor, and there were no elected presidents. But Taiwanese have always like the idea of being Emperor, and so when someone was elected president, he thought that a Taiwanese was now Emperor. But the age of Emperors is long past; this is the age of democracy, and the president is chosen by the people.”

Obviously this is Chen he’s talking about. A typical Lee performance. By the way, no one would call Lee Hoklo; he’s Hakka. Never heard him speak Hakka though, and wouldn’t be surprised if he can’t.