Luck500's funky dip!

Yes… The New Year is shortly upon us and to celebrate the coming of this event, I’ve got my human sized tombola out for a special raffle. You, yes YOU can win one of these special prizes. It’s just keraazy!

  1. A Peruvian time-machine

  2. The “Ultimate” Horn

  3. A night out with a badger with an afro

3 Life changing prizes
3 dreams within a dream

Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

I bet I win the horny badger, I always do.

So what do you have to do?

Does the Peruvian time-machine really work? The last one I got (off the internet) hurt my balls AND didn’t work.

Your name on here is information enough to enter what could be the prize of a lifetime!

Edit: Yes the time machine really works

Is this one of those things where you’re told you’ve won, but you have to call a 0898 number for 10 minutes to be told you’ve won a biro ? And you have to pay P&P…

You’re such a doubting Thomas, BFM.

If you win the Peruvian Time Machine, you can go back in time to before the ten minutes, then you won’t have to pay. Just think about it.

A little cynicism doesn’t hurt. Like a Peruvian time machine is going to be able to deal with matters pertaining to ChungHua Telecom? Not without a seriously juiced up flux capacitator…

Peruvian time machines don’t use flux capacitors! They use a mixture of maize, potatoes and spices.

I’d like one ticket for me, and one for my auntie Joan, please.

Is the ultimate horn a tuba?

Are we permitted to win more than one prize?

[quote=“irishstu”]Are we permitted to win more than one prize?[/quote]If you win the time machine you can go back in time and enter again.

But what happens if I win the time machine again? Won’t that muck up the space/time continuum just a bit?

no worries there stu,

ever heard of the peruvian babushka?

little universes inside littler universes, and all fit into the tiniest universe.

drove steven hawking and george smoot plain mad.

But you’ll have an infinite number of time machines, where would you put them all ? You’ll never find a parking space for all of them. Where would the badger go ?

Hey everyone. Don’t waste your time on this! I already won the time machine next week! I’ve just popped back to tell you. Carry on. I can tell you who won the other prizes too if you pay me.

I’m hoping that I can use my reciepts from 7-11 to enter this contest. I possess 8,583 of them.

Don’t bother Frank. You don’t win, and Funk500 ends up winning 5 gazzillion NT$ with your receipts, which he uses to set up a fancy dress costume factory.

P.S. If you don’t believe me about being in the future, I can tell you that Michael Dell comes back to be in charge of Dell, and that Ireland beat Wales at the rugby.

Based on his avatar, I’d prefer it if he used the money to fix his teeth. Who’s his dentist, Ol’ Dirty Bastard?

And Ireland has a rugby team now? News to me.