Lucky Dog!

Lucky had been hanging around the neighborhood for quite some time. A few kind people left food and water out for him but no one seemed to notice he was getting a lot thinner. His condition aggravated quickly. Within only a few days he developed an eye infection so severe that he couldn’t open his eyes. He couldn’t walk because he was so weak so we carried him to the vet. The vet said he was on his death-bed. We caught him just in time. It took three months for Lucky to recover from canine distemper. He’s fully recovered and he’s the perfect weight now, too. Lucky is very well trained and well behaved. He’s house trained, scooter trained, and he is trained to heel walk, lie down, sit, and stay on command. He is great with cats and dogs.
He is ready and waiting for a loving, life-long home. For more info contact

Lucky chillin with Marmalade

Lucky looking after Peanut

Lucky loves his belly rubs! He’s smiling :slight_smile: